Clayton George Barto


 Hughesville, PA





Date of Service:

Jan 6, 1943 - Jan17, 1946


Boatswain's Mate 2/c

A picture of Clayton Barto with shipmates Sutton and Hunt

Enlisted: Dec. 13, 1942
Active Service: Jan 6, 1943
Discharge: Jan17, 1946

Service Stations and Vessel:
NTS , Bainbridge, MD
ATB, Little Creek, VA
ATB, Soloman, MD.
USS Thomas Jefferson

European Theater Ribbon (4 Stars)
Pacific Theater Ribbon ( 1 Star)

Dad served on the TJ with his brother Donald Barto.

Clayton died Oct. 23, 1971 of a brain tumor.

Clayton's son Dean can be contacted at

Brothers Don and Clayton Barto from Hughesville, PA