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 My uncle was 17 years old (He had to get his mother's signature.) when he enlisted in the Navy and was assigned to the TJ. He made 5 invasions as a Higgins boat driver. He was also assigned to a 5 inch gun. He tells a slightly different story about what happened in the North Africa invasion. Somehow the captain saw the torpedo coming toward them and slipped anchor in reverse. The torpedo went by the bow of the ship.

I checked the crew list and found his name. However it was spelled wrong. I told him about that and he said that he served four years with his name spelled that way but when he got home his mother made him correct it. I still have his old sea bag and his name is spelled wrong on it also.

About two years ago an aunt of mine wrote a letter to the VA describing his navy career. Last year he began receiving a small pension based on that letter and all the documentation he had. He had a lot of paperwork saved over the years. That paperwork was the basis for his pension since his records were burnt in the St. Louis fire.

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