John J. Nemec


5187 Erwin Street
Maple Heights, OH 44137


(216) 663-7947



Date of Service:

August 1942 - December 1946


QM 2nd class

"I got my head shaved in San Francisco. I had so many nicks and scars on my scalp, that they nicknamed me 'the skull'."

I am looking for Jim Nybeck.

Our father, John J. Nemec, served as Quarter Master Second Class from August 1942 until December 1946 aboard the USS Thomas Jefferson.

John passed away yesterday, July 24, 2009 at 0600 hours.

He enjoyed so many of the Navy reunions and seeing his old buddies from the USS Thomas Jefferson.
He is survived by his wife of 60 years, Helen.

Please keep John & Helen in your prayers~

With thanks & warm wishes,

Deborah Nemec Cirincione
Linda Nemec Foster