George B. Paiva







Date of Service:

1943 - 1945


Carpenters Mate

My father, the late (8/20/11-7/30/82) George B. Paiva, served aboard the TJ from 1943-45 as carpenters mate. His rank was equivalent to 1st class petty officer. He was born and lived in Fall River, MA. except for military service in WWII. He was a DAV and VFW member and retired US Postal Worker. He was decorated variously and served during the North Africa, Italy/Sicily, Normandy invasions and later in the Pacific campaigns. He was however hospitalized at Pearl Harbor when the war ended.

He was almost 32 when he enlisted, with an expectant wife and could have avoided any military service. He CHOSE to serve. Like many of "The Greatest Generation", my Dad was an American Patriot and of course a hero to me.