Leonard Prescott


 221 E.Vallette Street
Elmhurst, IL 60126-4066


 (630) 832-1445



Date of Service:

March 1943 - August 1945


MOMM2 member of the motor gang

"My job was always on the ship - not on the boats. However on the invasion of Okinawa I was told to get in a LCVP with a fogger and circle our ship. After doing a great job at that we came along side and loaded troops aboard. On the way to shore the ramp unlocked and dropped into the ocean, with on coming waves a soldoer and I crewed the winch and pulled up the ramp just in time."

I am tryin to find Herb Metcalf (home state CA), and all of our mates would like to attend our reunions but are no longer receiving notices of them. Please spread the word.