Wilbur F. Taylor


2277 Nayland Road
Columbus, OH 43220-4654





Date of Service:

August 29, 1942 - November 1945


Yeoman 1st Class

"Nickname "WEB" Taylor derived from Wilbur.

Most of my service aboard T. J. was in Captain's office directly across passageway from chief's quarters where I worked with Bill Rogers. We also bunked in office. The chief's cook was Eugene Ackmann. He didn't draw much pay as he sent most of his pay home to his widowed mother. He liked to be a big spender on liberty, though. He borrowed $20 from Rogers and myself & we could not see that we would get it back. So we arranged for him to make our breakfast for 30 days and we would be even. At 7:15 for a month we got a knock on the door & these 2 sailors had breakfast in bed."